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At the heart of human & marketing intelligence


The evolution of our society and our environment is accelerating. And if there’s one field that hasn’t frozen, it’s research. Using a systematic scientific process, constantly evolving methodologies, and committed professionals, researchers make sense of transforming opinions, markets and behaviors.

Syntec Etudes is your gateway to market research and opinion polling and invites you to discover its key territories.


Panoramic Perspective

Syntec Etudes brings together more than 60 companies that work for all sectors of the economy and French society. Our organization is an indispensable place to discuss, analyze and anticipate the industry transformations.


News in market research, innovations, events, feedback… Syntec Etudes is a crossroads of thoughts, ideas, and experiences to help you adapt to rapidly changing environments.

Nursery For New Plants

The landscape of research is a living entity, and innovation constantly irrigates its players. Several initiatives like “Ideas For The Future” involving startups and “Trophees des Etudes”, the research awards for students, feed into the dynamic at Syntec Etudes.


Data River

Data, the new black gold for companies, is everywhere. To better refine and transform data and analytics into high-performing fuel, researchers are creating conditions for a high added value use of this new deposit of knowledge.

Haven For Data Scientists

Data scientists are now essential players in the world of research. By using and cross-referencing data in different ways, they’re molding an exclusive asset that fertilizes the analyses developed by players in market research.

Weather Alerts

Analytics, real-time tracking and data gathering solutions… researchers are inventing solutions for better customer satisfaction management, as well as companies’ performances, so they can send out the right alerts at the right moment.



Innovation Lab

Detecting insights and original creativity techniques… Researchers are offering robust operational means of maneuvering companies’ innovation processes, an indispensable key to their competitiveness.

DIY Isle

“Do It Yourself” applies to certain recurring studies, like customer satisfaction surveys. Researchers are there to provide adapted technical solutions and offer their valuable advice, both upstream and downstream.

New Territories

If there’s one profession that is reinventing itself, it’s research. Innovation is in the DNA of industry players, and new technologies have accelerated the integration of new tools, as well as the adaptation of methodologies.


House Of Guides

Changes in behaviors, new technologies… Due to market transformations, clear guidance is needed more than ever to choose the right methodology and the right keys to transform the data collected into strategic and operational intelligence.

Chasm Of Bad Decisions

Accelerated changes, new competition… Without research, there are no grounded decisions. Researchers are lighting the way, outlining your thoughts, and guiding you toward identifying winning strategies.

Swamp Of Indecision

Market globalization, disruption, hyper-connection, infobesity… There are several ways to lose focus. The expertise, agility, and innovations of researchers are the pillars of analysis that elucidate your decisions every day.

Hybridization Bridge

To understand markets and locate the right levers, you have to mobilize the right expertise, cross-reference information, and combine methods. Professionals are building bridges between disciplines to take you even further.


Advice Forest

Benefiting from exclusive sources of data and insights, researchers offer an enhanced view of the issues of companies and society.

Opinion Lake

Opinion surveys and polling are evolving! New digital channels have opened new means of listening. Pollsters analyze and decipher them to better understand the dynamics of a rapidly changing society.

Market Intelligence Center

Exclusive sector-specific expertise, methodologies and market monitoring tools, coupled with the rigor and scientific nature of analyses, guarantee an objective view of market transformations and the challenges to be met in order to remain competitive.

Human Sciences Agora

Human and Social Sciences also benefit from research to better understand individuals in all their nuances. A number of adapted methodologies are combined to generate adapted marketing strategies.

Client Knowledge Mountain

The customer is at the center of our attention. Deciphering their behavior and monitoring their processes helps identify levers that brands must activate to win over and retain audiences that want new experiences.

After this journey into the research landscape, you now have a clearer understanding of players and the challenges that they face daily. Helping decision making, stimulating experiments, making sense of the avalanche of data that constantly floods companies; these are the permanent challenges that researchers are taking on, thanks to an unique combination of expertise.

The Syntec Etudes site is a crossroads of information and exchanges that will bring you even further.